Love Our Soap Rests
Love Our Soap Rests

Love Our Soap Rests

Soap Rest

Love Our Soap Rests brand soap rests! The Original Soap Rest was created in 1996. It has evolved through the years providing even more variety. Made of a Recycled Bio Plastic that is Eco-Friendly and Soy & Corn Based and BPA FREE.

Designed to be a dry Pad to keep soap scum off of your sink counters and onto the Soap Rests. Simply Rinse under warm water to Clean. Available in up to 25 colors.

Designed for our 4oz bars as well as other soaps - although hey, why use any soap other than ours right?

Measures 4.5" x 3.25" to 4.25" x 3.25" and up to 3/8. All products are ultrasonically cut and assembled right here in the USA. America’s Lowest Cost on the Market - Guaranteed! Designed the same way as Soap Rests, but cut into different shapes such as Fish, Turtles, Ducks, Shells, Bears, Frogs, Black Bear, Butterfly, Sea Shell, Heart, Flower, Bunny, Tortoise, Elephant, Manatee just to name what we stock

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